Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has always been a big part of Pelk's DNA. We have a proven track record building apps that challenge, engage, and delight.


Augmented Reality Developer

Pelk is one of the leading developers of Augmented Reality in Germany. MI is here to help you capitalize on this impressive technology with help from our talented team. Augmented reality is a truly unique way to use mobile technology in terms of its ability to blend the virtual and physical worlds in real time. Once dismissed as the stuff of science fiction fantasy, augmented reality has been taken up by the mobile device revolution and been made into a practical technology. Although this is a relatively new form of technology, the developers at Massive Infinity have had plenty of experience building these sophisticated apps and can work with you to develop a unique application that wipes the market in terms of both performance and function.

Develop Complex Applications that Capture Users Attention

In the last few years, apps that use augmented reality have gained an enormous following. Although the technology is still in its early days, many companies in Germany and internationally have utilized it to develop innovative applications which challenge, engage, and delight. Our developers can build a fast loading, user friendly app which can be used on multiple devices. Broadly speaking, there are three major kinds of apps our developers use this technology for.

Navigation: Whether it’s in apps directing users to nearby restaurants and tourist sites, to mapping out and labelling different mountain ranges, augmented reality has become an indispensable tool in modern navigation.

Education: The interactive, real time nature of this technology makes it a perfect educational tool. So whether you want to help anatomy students improve their understanding of the human body or primary school students strengthen their two times table, AR can be used to add another dimension to the learning experience.

Games: People love to play and engage the world around them. From strategy ‘king of the hill’ style games which use a real time map and involve other users to single player games where you have to overcome obstacles in your immediate environment, AR can be used to have a lot of fun.

Our Work

AR Business card

Promote your business cards to a 3D digital catalog with your own personalized showcase

Real-time coloring AR Painting for Kids

Watch the 3D scene being colored in real time, as you color the printed page.